Les Macarons at Laduré Berlin

Monday 4/2/08 Berlin
A little winter sunshine has appeared today to put all the Berliners and tourists in a good mood. Still a little briskly though, but the wind has died down. The perfect day to stroll and during the week the shops are not so crowded. Took the U7 direction Pankow from Wittenbergplatz with one purpose in mind, try the famous macarons at the Galeries Lafayette in Friedrichstr, underground station STADTMITTE. Five minutes walk in the Friedrichstr and we are there. We enter Galeries Lafayette and gaze at its splendid glass dome, take the rolling stairs in the underground food department where we ( my daughter and I ) spot the Laduré Salon de Thé in a cosy corner . Quite empty, apart from us and a group of young girls, probably on school holidays.
The powder mint green and pink colours are relaxing on the eyes. We choose a table and browse through the Menu which also offers many fine China teas. The Laduré composition sounds interesting, citrus fruit, rose, vanilla, cinnamon. but my daughter wishes vanilla.The tea is served in a silver teapot matched with a sugar bowl, the cups and saucers are in pastel rose and mint green added with silver spoons. I order a bitter chocolate macaron and a caramel one to start with, my daughter, vanilla and caramel. The bitter chocolate macaron melts in my mouth. I should of course have eaten the caramel one at first, because of the strong taste of bitter chocolate which I adore. At 1,30 euro each, one can easily eat a few more, but I do have to watch my figure, so I only order one more, rasberry (framboise) which would have been perfect with a glass ( une flute) of champagne, also available at Laduré. Eager to take some photos for my blog, I ask the young lady who served us if it is allowed to take some photos .
She answers in a friendly tone “oui bien sûr Madame” (yes , of course Madam!). A little different to the abrupt young lady in Hugendubel on the kudamm in the world coffee bar last week who “growled” at me asking me what I was doing as I was taking photos for my blog, I was only too pleased to compliment the coffee bar in Hugendubel! What a shame that some Berliners are still so unfriendly. Some say it is the Traditional ” Berliner Schnautze”I am not so sure? What a difference today at Laduré, what a régale in both service and food; I am happy with my photos and can recommend Laduré in Berlin, not only for its succulent macarons, sorbets,teas, marmellows ect, but the friendly service. And why not buy a cute little shopping bag for all the goodies. As we head out we pop in to the french book shop just next door and discover, what a coincidence! a wonderful little book on macarons. If you wish to try and bake them yourself ,bonne chance! I prefer to try some more of the many flavours in the salon de thé Laduré in Berlin.Of course I just had to buy the book to add to my collection of cook books. I can recommend it . C’est tout pour maintenant! That’s all for now! Will write again soon and hope to discover THE BEST FOOD again.

text and photo copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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