Saturday morning at hugendubel kudamm

Not the best weather this saturday morning,the snow is starting to melt and it is bitter cold. So why not head off to my favorite book shop on the kudamm, Hugendubel. It is still early about 10.30am and the display of sandwiches, muffins, cakes, croissants, orange juice, brownies, chocolates are lined up ready to be eaten. The fresh smell of coffee is tantalizing my taste bugs. I decide to choose a cabiatta capriesa. The mozzerella , tomatoes and pesto spread are perfect , apart from the rucoola which I just do not like, but that is a matter of taste. I am told I can have it warmed up, but t it looks so fresh, I imagine there is no need for that ,and I am now very hungry so I do not want to wait. I don’t drink coffee since two years now, so I order a mint tea which I top up with honey. A small chocolate “Thaler” rounds off this Saturday morning breakfast before the first crowds arrive and line up at the food and coffee bar. I browse through the collection of new books and of course wonder to the cooking books!

text and photo copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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