Where is the best chinese restaurant in Berlin?

Saturday 16.2.08

Very cold again this morning, well at least it is not minus 23 like it was in 1983 when I landed in Berlin after a long flight from Hot Sydney , Australia. Met a friend who just came back from Paris and we tallked about her visits to some great restaurants there. Le Violon D’Ingres sounds fantastic, and I will plan a visit there soon to experience it all for myself. Needless to say I started to get very hungry after the various annecdotes from the many Paris eateries reported by my friend. We parted with her giving me a wonderful small box of chocolates from “La maison du chocolat” in Paris, un délice!! What should I eat now that I have my taste buds tantalized again , I did not really know. Then I had an urge for chinese food. Having had lived in Sydney , Australia for many years I must say I have been spoiled with the many good chinese restaurants there especially in China Town, Sydney, and for this reason it is difficult to find a good one here in Berlin (if anyone of you would like to share your little secret of a decent chinese restaurant in Berlin please please let me know!) or anywhere in the world for that matter! I am always curious!! So, as I found myself wondering on the Kudamm again in the bitter cold ,I remenbered having dined in an “Asian” restaurant in the Europa Center (see adresse below) on the first floor, called OrangeGreen. It actually exist for quite some time and the last time I was there ,I thought , well it is not a typical chinese restaurant therefore the name Asian restaurant, with some korean dishes on the menu and other unusuals such as jelly fish,blanched chicken feet, which a couple on the adjacent table happened to have ordered.( Sorry I could not get a photo, it would have been a little impolite!) Well not exactly what I was craving for! It was more for the wonderful Tofu, slightly fried with a very tasty sauce, (one never really knows what the consistency of chinese sauces are, but the taste is good). The tofu accompanied with a green leafy vegetable resembling spinach looks delicious ,but as I enquire what it was, I was told by the waitress :”it is…. Ich weiss nicht, ( I don’t know). Then I wanted to know from which area of China the cooking was? Ich weiss nicht, again! Ich bin nicht Chinese, I am not Chinese, she answered.I am Mongolian. Well she does not have to be chinese to tell me what the chefs were cooking or from which area. I was starting to think she might be German with Chinese parents or whatever. I still wanted an answer to the green vegatable though . After a while she reappeared to tell me it was called shanghai. Did she not understand me again or was it cooking from Shanghai? Not this time, it was me who did not understand ,the vegetable is called shanhai pac soi . See the photos below. I wiil try to find some interesting recipes on how to cook this Shanhai pac soi. My daughter decided to eat from the buffet which is not bad if you are plain HUNGRY, the risk is of course your eyes may be bigger than your stomach like most of the people lining up for the buffet, quite a few fatties I must say. Anyway the buffet is constantly being refilled and maintained hot. All in all I can recomment it if you are very hungry and you would like to try CHICKEN FEET! I drank gongfu Blumentee which is a whole flower which opens up in the boiling water in the glass teapot and looks beautiful. See the photo. It is great that the tea is also constantly topped up wit hot water without charge, The perfectly cooked duck on the buffet is also a delight, not chewy like I have tasted in other restaurants. Like I said I am still looking for the best chinese (not Asian) restaurant. I loved the Chinese musique being played in the background, but I dare not ask what or who was the composer because I am sure I wouldn’t have got a clear answer. Maybee next time with another waitress. The service was very friendly with prompt attention , my tea water was refilled without having had to ask for it and the quality price was good.Did not feel like having a desert eventhough I like lychees but as they are mostly from tins and there is a difference in quality( some tasting tiny, metaly) I prefered to end the meal with good memories, so I opened my little box of chocolates which my friend bought me back from Paris from La Maison Du Chocolat.So once again I wiil be looking out for the best. Don’t forget to leave a message, a comment. Will be delighted to read you and will try to answer as soon as possible.

text and photo copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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