The weather is not too promissing, only 16°C and overcast, but too late to cancel. So off we are to Kühlungsborn at a 6:30 am start. By 8:00 am it has started to rain ,so now it looks even less promissing! First stop < Raststätte Prignitz Ost > 8:30 am. I did not expect anything good but there was really nothing worth buying to eat. Only a hot mint tea for me. Thank goodness I had time to buy a bio snack yesterday ( see photo, available in all bio supermarkets in Berlin). That will last me till Kühlungsborn, as I am not hungry yet. At least the rain has died down, oops I spoke too quickly, 15 minutes later it is really raining cats and dogs! Visibility almost null.
Circa midday we are nearing Kühlungsborn, on the way we approach Heiligendamm where the G8 took place……driving through a forest. In Kühlungsborn the rain has stopped again. Took an orientation tour with  the miniature Stadtbahn. Looked for a new wooden Möwe, (sea gull) for my collection, but still have not found any antiques ones, so I just bought one which I liked for 5 Euro. Walked round, bought some postcards to send to family in Australia and various friends. Then looked for a fish restaurant. Ever since my visits to the < Ostsee > Baltic Sea, I haven`t yet found a good fish restaurant. One restaurant did look inviting and was almost full, always a good indication of the quality. So we take a seat on the terrasse of the < Vielmeer> with a wonderful view on the Yachthafen. The choice on the menu is quite interesting. I order <König der Ostsee>( Gebratenes Dorschfilet auf Pommery Senfsauce mit Kokosmöhren und Meerrettichkartofelpüree) Fried codfish in a Pommery mustard sauce, (Moutarde de Maux) with coconut carrots and mashed potatoes with horseradish. My  daughter chooses <Spaghetti> (Spagetti in eine tomaten Sauce , Frische Basilikum und Parmesanspalten), simply spagehetti with fresh basil and parmesan shavings. Actually I don`t really like Dorsch, Cod as I find it too mild of a fish,  and mostly eat salmon. So I hesitated with the salmon or cod but decided for the latter, just to be different. The fish was perfectly cooked in light batter, served with slices of carrots in coconut flakes ( Raspeln), mashed potatoes light and fluffy with Meerettich, horseradish ( almost as good as mine). I did say ALMOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!( see my recipe on blog )
The combination of mustard and fish isn`t really my taste and I would have preferred a white wine sauce or just plain lemon juice, nevertheless it was delicious and cooked to perfection. Absolutely no room for dessert, maybe on an another visit. For details of restaurant < Vielmeer> see http://www.vielmeer.com. Should you be travelling to the Ostsee (Baltic sea) Kühlungsborn, this quaint little town is really worth a visit even under overcast weather especially when one discovers a good restaurant. I can recommend the < Vielmeer>, but it seems it may be quite often full so I suggest you reserve a table. Bon Appetit and I will write about my absolute favorite place in Berlin to eat fish, in KaDeWe, very soon.

text and photos copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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