Restaurant Good Time Berlin Mitte

Sat 23.2.08
Sorry everyone but I have no photos for this article so far. I will go back to this restaurant anyway because it is soooo good, but the lightning was too dark where we were sitting and I did not get any good shots. Nevertheless here is a sample of what I experienced. YUMMMM!

After a hectic day with a hectic friend, it is time to relax. And to make up for HIS hecticness, he invites us for a meal in an ” Asian” restaurant. What a coincidence! Just when was writing about finding an authentic Chinese restaurant, I am offered an evening out in yet another “Asian” restaurant. Well my friend assures me the food is prepared with NO monosodium glutamate and the products are absolutely fresh: Na, ja,we will see. I do have my doubts, but I also know that my friend has good taste and he is used to eating in good eateries, so I detect a little truth in his statement.
We arrive at HAUSVOIGTPLATZ (one stop after Stadtmitte) if you take the underground. This evening we are being chauffered. As one comes out of the U-Bahn on your left you can’t miss it, the restaurant faces you on this nice tranquil Platz., one can hardly beleive one is in the middle of this big city Berlin.
We enter the restaurant and the waiter ask if we have a reservation. OOPS, I thought, that’s it, we won’t get a seat now, but he tells us there are two tables left, one directly facing the entance door,( that’s out of the question, too drafty for me) and the other in the huge room, the only room, which if it wasn’t nicely decorated in this Thailandish style, I would say slightly resembles a canteen. But no, it is very nice, with wooden tables and low light from candle lanterns. The first thing I notice of course is that it is quite loud, there is no backgroung thailandish music , one could not have heard it anyway. My friend tells me it is much better to dine here during the week, it is no so crowded. But we are lucky tonight and we are directed to our table in the large room.On the way we pass the open kitchen with the large sign above NO MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE. With a view to the kitchen I browse though the menu which has a large selection and have trouble selecting. I finally order TOM KHA GAI as an entree/soup. A delicious, perfect Thailandish soup with Limetten background taste, koriander, coconut milk, mushrooms, cilantro and chicken filets pieces very thin and tender. I eat it slowly as I am enjoying it and it is very hot, just as a soup should be, I absolutly hate warm soups which should have been served hot. I must say this soup was a delight and the best coconut Thailandish soup I ever ate. The portion was just enough, not too little or too much. I drank a GINGER TEA WITH HONEY served in a large glass with a fresh piece of ginger and a half piece if lime floating decoratively above the tea, heavenly perfect. So far so good, no critic at all. The servive is friendly and prompt and I forget about the fact that it is difficult to converse and concentrate on the meal! My friend orders SALADE SEGAR. Fresh papaya, avocado and chicken on skewers with fresh garden salad. My daughter chooses KRUPKUK with a peanut sauce dip. All wonderful. For the main course I order SPICY PORK WITH CHILI AND PEFFERSHOTTEN, mixed eggplant (thalandish) and thai basil served with rice. It is served with a decoration of carved vegetables in a bowl. The plates have been warmed up, a rarity these days in most restaurants. The waiter had warned me, spicy means HOT AND SPICY! After a second serving I realised what he meant. It is really SPICY, but the meat, sauce, ingredients are a perfect mix. I struggle to finish it all and leave a little for my friend as I could see he was dying to to try some. He ditos my thoughts on the perfection! I ask the waiter what type of cuisine is actually served and he answers, Thalandish/Indonesich.The indonesich touch accounts for the very hot spicy taste. I remembered having eaten in an Indonesian restaurant in Hong Kong and it had been impossible to finish the meal, my mouth was just burning , no amount of water had been able to put out the “fire” in my palate. My friend chooses the crispy duck on a bed of fresh pinaeple, cucumber , lychees and water chestnuts in sweet and sour sauce. Can’t wait to try it on my next visit! My daughter eats RED CURRY WITH THAI BASIL , VARIOUS EGGPLANTS,GREEN BEANS, BAMBOO SHOOTS IN CREAMY RED CURRY. I am full and cannot eat anymore. ( I unfortunatly had a late breakfast) but my friend orders VANILLA ICE CREAM WITH LYCHEES; COCONUT GELLEE CUBES AND LOTUS SEEDS for his desert. We taste it but I reserve myself for my next visit: I will definatly order it next time.The prices are very good for such a high quality, service perfect, food perfect. DEFINATLY worth many more visits to try the whole menu and as they say in Thalandish or is it Indonesich? SELEMAT MAKAM! . Bon Appetit! and till next time for the best again.
Photos and prices and how to get there to follow. Nicole

photo and text copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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