A 6:30 start wasn’t easy.On the roads is it pitch dark, but the weather is good, no rain, 12°C and now at 8a.m a few rays of sunshine have appeared mixed with the morning dew. The month of october bringing an indian summer or as the germans call it ,” an old woman’s summer”(altweibersommer) glowing the wonderful autumn colors of the trees in rusty, yellow,and brown leakages. For those of you who are driving out of Berlin take the direction Magdeburg/ Hannover. We are sitting comfortably in a bus.The driver just made an announcement that we will be walking to the ” Freie Marktplatz” when we arrive in Bremen. Freie Marktplatz? what is that exactly, why is it that I know nothing about it? Well apparently it is a sort of MINI Oktoberfest in Bremen. Nein danke!! No thank-you!! I am looking for culture and of course the best of food. But as I look at my internet printed map of the city center, the “Alt stadt” the old Bremen is of walking distance to where we will be dropped off, so no problem.
BREMEN is the oldest German maritime city with a population of 548 477h. It is situated on the Weser Estuary. It is a cultured town with many fine examples of Renaissance Architecture of the 16c. We arrived at 11:30a.m, a five-hour drive, which included a half an hour stop at yet another horrible “Raststätte” (rest area with restaurant), not even worth mentioning the name. After having been dropped off at the pretty outskirts near the famous elegant 5 star hotel “Park Hotel” we headed on foot to the old town market place. a must to see in the heart of the old town. Of course my aim is always to discover good eateries, but one cannot ONLY eat in Bremen, there are too many interesting sights to see. Undecided to what to eat, but with the idea of fish in mind, we stumbled upon the ” Knurrhahn”, Hahn actually means cock but nothing to do with chickens, it is a fish restaurant a “gut bürgerlische” one, not extravagant, but plain old good cooking. I ordered Seelachs, (saith) baked in a beer batter with home-made potato salad, ( not as good as mine, will make one and put it in the blog) served with lemon and remoulade. My daughter , who is a non fish eater ordered the Schnitzel with chips, ( french fries for the American readers) and tomato sauce for the chips. Quelle horreur!! As it turned out she prefered my remoulade! The fish was good, the batter was light and crispy and the schnitzel was passable, the chips however tasted rather like the frozen types, It is beyond my comprehension why people cannot make fresh potatoes chips , it is so easy. Will have to put that in the blog also!! Anyway for a moderate price and good-sized portions, including friendly old ladies sitting next to our table it was worth it, even for a second visit eventually. So returned to the tourist information center on the market place and informed myself to where the good fish restaurants were for the next visit, so here are two names ” Friday ” and ….. oops I must find it in my notes. will type it in later.But will try them next time. If you just want to have a nice coffee and cake, try the Kaffee Classico on the Market place , it looks very nice, as well as the Kirr Cafe in one the small streets off the market place where you can try the Bremen speciality Bremen Klaben, a sort of Stollen . ( for the recipe just look it up in google) You can buy a piece to take with you also. Even though I think it is overpriced, two slices for circa 8,50euro.So not really enough time to see everything in a five-hour stay, but time enough to see if one wants to go back, which I most likely will. I am not sure if it was the “BEST” this time but for a gut bürgerliche eating experience for a sum of 11.50euro with tea for me, and about the same for my daughter, schnitzel with a mixed salad of coleslaw, cucumber and grated carrots, chips and a with a mineral water, I would say it was relative to the price.
Sorry I have not written more lately but it was the fault of my flu. So till next time I will be looking for the best food again and some travel of course!!!!

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A day in Bremen, Germany


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