Kochlust bookshop in BERLIN MITTE

Hello again , here are a few photos of a wonderful bookshop I discovered a few weeks ago, you can also take cooking courses there from professional cooks for more details see their website. I unfortunately have misplaced my notes from the time I wrote and visited this bookshop, so you will have to be patient, I will find them again for sure. Just a note though, the sales person, a young lady who I thought was the owner, was very friendly and helpful. Will write some more soon.
text and photo copyright by lookingforthebestfood

hi again,
so, I found my notes again, like I had said!
Saturday morning, met a friend who is back from a cruise on the Mediterranee, and talked about, guess what? restaurants and food. Received a present from Mallorca, dried figs and almonds, vacuum packed so it is non perishable. Have not opened it yet, but will do so soon. I still have not decided whether to eat them with goat cheese or just as a desert or as a sweet with a mint tea. My daughter was getting rather bored, so I agreed to go to “The Mitte”, the new Berlin Center, which used to be East Berlin before the “wall” came down. Well it has been quite a few years since 1989 and it is changing slowly. At the moment it seems to be “in” to wander about the Hackeschemarkt, especially for young people or for curious tourists, (mostly young also). Anyway I wanted to finally visit “Kochlust” a bookshop who sells a wide variety of cooking books, as well as giving cooking classes. They organise these courses with different chefs who have each their own cooking styles, be it spanish, Asiatic ect. I started a conversation with a nice young lady, who I thought was the owner at first, but as it turned out she was only working there. We got to know each other a little and I was then allowed to take some photos of the shop for my blog. At the back of the shop is a fully equiped kitchen and dining room ,where one dines “the menu” which one has cooked with the other interested parties. I was told they cook in a group of 10 and that one has to reserve for a course, (for more info, see their web site under kochlust.com) I gave the young lady my blog address as she was interested to read more. I can recommend this book shop, the service is very friendly and even though I possess hundreds of cook books I am sure I will find one I haven’t yet discovered on my next visit. Again this belongs to “THE BEST” when shopping. How to get there: Take the U-Bahn ,( underground,) to Weinmeisterstr, get out and walk to Alte Schönhauserstraße just opposite on the corner and walk down this street. By the way, a few shops further  is the famous MR WONG restaurant, (see also their web site,) which is worth a visit, I love the watermelon shakes they serve, but be warned, it is always so crowded it is by chance if you get a seat at all, especially on week-ends anyway. That’s all for now from the “trendy” old east side of Berlin.

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