Ishin Berlin Sushi

A visit to one of my favorite japanese restaurant a few weeks ago. THE ISHIN DELI. On their menu “the customer is king!” Ishin meaning “from the heart”. There are four ISHIN DELIS in Berlin and I am in the one in Schloßstr 101 Steglitz. If you are in the city take the U-Bahn direction Rathaus Steglitz and get off at Schoßstr, go out at the exit on your right.When you come out it is in the Naturkaufhaus facing you on your right, a glass building. Take the glass lift to the 4th floor and you will step out in the ISHIN DELI with an adjacent bio supermarket. It is not so full today friday, but I am told every saturday it is very crowed. Also it is only opened until 8pm and last orders are taken at 7pm! For more info look up their website. So I will be trying some more dishes and will write more about it then. Unfortunately they don’t have any tempura!!!! (yet)


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