Daruma Berlin

( Green Tea Ice Cream)

A small Japanese restaurant and supermarket in the city near the Kudamm.
Daruma in Uhland Str 61, Berlin, is not only a nice small restaurant where you can eat a quick snack or meal but it is combined with a small Japanese supermarket: The owner is Japanese.

What does Daruma mean? The Daruma  is a good luck bringer for the Japanese. It has blank eyes. One has to paint one eye in the blank space and make a wish or set a goal. When the wish is fulfilled the other eye is painted in.

Dorayaki cake is a sort of pancake filled with Azuki sweet beans, I was told they were made by the owner herself, delicious and perfect with green tea. The Azuki bean paste you can buy in the shop also.

Daruma , on a hot day in the city, ideal for a quick lunch, snack or to buy your japanese groceries or gifts such as small or large Darumas,(see photos below) azuki bean paste, fish specialities  ect.

Next time when I am more hungry I will try the Bento Box as I saw one which looked really
fantastic being served to a customer next to my table. As far as I know Daruma exists  since at least 1984 or problably longer and I hope for longer. The service is very good and the the friendliness also.  They also do udon noodle soups which I adore and since I have not found a good one yet in Berlin I will have to try that also. Oh yes, I almost forgot you can also get green tea ice cream to cool you off on a very hot day.


A  sort of dumpling with meat and vegetable filling served with chili sauce or soya sauce, pan fried, but I prefer them steamed.

Green Tea


Azuki Sweet Beans


Fish Specialities




Dorayaki Pancake filled with Azuki sweet Beans


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