Hello everyone!

I discovered a wonderful shop called “KOCHHAUS” and will write something about it soon. It is in Berlin in the Akazienstr, Schöneberg. Okay but more later!

So, a few words about KOCHHAUS. A brilliant idea !! Especially if you do not know what to cook for yourself, family, or guests. Just pop in to Kochhaus and your worries are over!! The recipes are printed out on leaflets with photos which you can also see on a board above a small table where the ingredients are displayed with the amounts you have to choose depending on the number of persons you are cooking for. Its that simple!  I have tried two recipes so far and they turned out perfect. The quality of the food is excellent and not to forget, cooking is also fun. I will be returning to Kochhaus regularly to try other recipes.

So far I have cooked the Italian Bread Salade, easy and delicious!! Just follow the instructions on the leaflet which you get to keep as you are given your purchases in a nice paper bag.

In this shop you can also buy wine, chocolate, oil, vinegar, salt. spices , wonderful baguettes ect….

Its really worth a visit to the Kochhaus in  Akazienstr,Schöneberg in Berlin.

Italien Bread Salade

Cherries Tomatoes

Recipe Box

Passion Fruits, mustard, basilic, ruccola

Yellow Capsicum

Freshly Baked Baguettes

All Photos and texts copyright by lookingforthebestfood


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