Its “Kurbis Time” Pumpkins that is!!

I did not realise there are so many varieties of  squashs as they are called!! A Pumpkin is actually a fruit, like a tomato. The other thing I found out is that many nations are fond of them: The Japanese eat them as a desert ,as well as the Americans, pumpkin pie.

Well that is to say, there are just as many varieties as there are ways of cooking them. Be it sweet or spicy!My abosulte favorite book is by Karin Messerti “Wunderbare Kurbisküche” only in German as far as I know, but easy to translate a cooking book/recipe, if you want to start cooking.T here is absolutely every creation in her book, from Kurbis Shoko Torte, Kurbis pudding with raisin, Kubis Crepes, Gratins, Souffes, Quiches.

And don’t forget at Alloween you can use pumkins to decorate and make a delicious soup as well!!


Texts and Photos Copyright by Lookingforthebestfood


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