It is getting quite warm at the moment and since I am not really a fan of the heat, (except in a air-conditioned hotel with pool and a beach right in front) only the” best” as one says!!! I was glad to get away from the sun and sit in a café: To my surprise or maybe not, as I know by now that Germans “worship the sun”  the café was empty??, inside. They were all sitting outside. I  have started to learn Japanese again.- It is not that I am lazy but when  I finally find a native speaker, after a while they are off to better pastures or back to Japan since they are mostly students who do not stay in Berlin  for too long.   Found a new Japanese sushi restaurant not far from Ishin., called Akiko but I only eat Tempura sushis there, see photo, it is perfectly delicious when I told my Japanese teacher about the sushis being “tempurated”(I am word cloning a word again I think?) she seemed surprised, but I suppose this does not exist in Japan. Not a sushi that is deep fried. I do miss a real tempura meal, deep fried fish, prawns, and vegetables with fresh grated radish and the special sauce to go with it, but I have not found  a restaurant in Berlin who serves it except the Dakokai which is more for special occasions as it is more expensive and finer dining than normal sushis restaurants..I have also decided to eat more salads and everyday I try a new recipe. Today it was grated carrots, chopped apples,  sultanas, with a sunflower  oil and half vinegar, half lemon juice , with a touch of sesame oil,  a teaspoon of honey and soy sauce. Delicious.!!! And refreshing.


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