Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Okay, bloggers also have other things to do in life, other than write blogs.  But  this does not mean that I do not love writing, (and of course eating and searching for the best  food,) Nevertheless,  I do have other interests . For example: I  did a wonderful tour of Berlin in the  city west  today  and was amazed to see that the Waldorf Astoria ( see photo) is going up so quickly! This  Hotel will bring a whole new prestige to the nearby “Kudamm”,and hopefully some glamour. We will see… Got very hungry after the tour  and the cold weather  always brings on an appetite. Since I had nothing in reserve in the pantry but spaghetti, I had to dash to the week-end supermarket to buy some good quality olive oil, some fresh garlic, and  parmesan, followed by a fenchel salad with a squeeze of  lemon juice and some more of that wonderful olive oil and  in just 20 mins it turned out to be a delicious quick simple meal. For dessert kiwis and bananas  with liquid honey added to  plain bio yoghurt  to finish in an healthy way. So  there really is  no excuse not to eat healthy even if you do not like cooking  it only takes a few minutes and one feels a lot better after having eaten a fresh healthy meal.(Sorry no photos!)  Better late than never, as the saying goes. Here are some  photos from the Christmas Blog 2010 .Sorry I am soooooo late!
Tours for gourmets in Berlin!
Copyright by Lookingforthebestfood. http://www.berlin-historical-epicurean.com


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