Berliner Bear on Moabit Bridge

Worked up an appetite walking around Moabit, near the river Spree on this pleasant, not too sunny day, and felt like eating something light. skatersAfter having dodged some mararathon roller skaters I headed back to the “Kudamm” and remembered the “Takura”japanese restaurant. To my joy I saw they had tempura on their menu.For a snack it is reaonable so I ordered the smaller version of tempura. So far 6 groups of Japanese tourists had sat down and were slurping ( by the way, slurping your soup is considered very polite in Japan) their UDON SOUPS or enjoying the SAKE DON or UNAGI DON. (I had discreetly asked the waitress what they were eating) I of course ordered the TEMPURA with prawns and vegetables served with cold noodles, but you can also have it rice. As I ordered the smaller version and was still hungry I also ordered some extra suhis, but shoild have done as the Japanese did and ordered a second dish. Ther is aslo a sushi bar with an “all you can eat” for a set price (see their web site) and on this day there were quite a few Germans who seemed to really enjoy their sushis as I could tell by the piles of emptied coloured plates on the counter!! Forgot to take a photo! what a shame, that was really something to see!! After I had finished my deliciuous TEMPURA I realized I was surrounded by more groups of Japaneses tourists and gladly left my seat and table, and was rewarded with an DOMO ARIGATO! The menu is large so if you are near Kudam , it is worth a visit! (Will put the rest of the photos later as I have to dash to my japanese lesson!9


Spree River

Copyright by “lookingforthebestfood”

Tempura Udon

Looking for the best food


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