Sweet Cupcakes in Berlin

Well as the title indicates, what a sweet place to take a break with a girlfriend for a long talk! You just have to indulge in one or two cupcakes with a nice cup of tea or coffee. A clean, bright ,friendly cafe and with reasonable prices in the middle of the city on the Kudamm.You can also choose differents toppings to add to frozen yoghurts all delicious! This SWEET cafe deserves a ” BEST” award from me. Rather small in size so not too loud. You can of course buy the cupcakes and frozen joghurt to take away in neat boxes as well as your coffee or tea. For me the” BEST” is not always the most expensive but it has to have three criteria. Friendly, clean, creative and/ or  stylish and of course the most important TASTY. Without the “tasty” element, you can of course forget about “The best”” So for a nice sweet break just head for” Froyo Cake”  on the Kudamm.                                             Mini Chocolate Cupcake Praline

                                         Fozen Joghurt with crunchy topping

withCopyright by Lookingforthebestfood NEWS THIS GREAT TEA PLACE IS NO LONGER THERE!!!


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