“The Cake Shop” Berlin ( Der Kuchenladen )

Actually written on the 15/1/12 but of course the cake shop is still there! I was just a bit lazy writing the text in my blog, but better late than never as I sometimes say!!!

On  a Sunday.

I imagine every one had the same idea as me on this cold Sunday in Berlin.

The temparature has dropped in the minus again and I just realized it as my toes were starting to freeze while I was strolling through the fleemarket.  So I was eager to warm up with a nice cup of tea and a good piece of cake, and  headed down to Kantstr, near the Kudamm, and, just as I expected, it was full at 3 ‘oclock in the afternoon, not a single seat! and people lining up to take away as well. But I was lucky a table at the front of the cake counter became free. The Kuchenladen, which means quite simply The cake shop, is very popular and for good reasons! The cakes and tartes are delicious ,a good size portion, and are reasonably priced. Today I ordered a chocolate cake with cherries, (see photo). I have tried quite a few of their cakes and they are all excellent. You can drink tea and coffee as well as hot chocolate and other drinks, but I chose an earl grey tea in a flotting sort of tea gadget, which I have never seen before. So this cafe, is definatly one of my favorite ones , but you must remember , it is also every one’s favorite café, so you have to be lucky and check the best time to get a table, as on week-ends especially it is always full, but on the positive side, you can take away and they seem to be baking all day and never run out of cakes as the counter is always full of beautiful cakes to choose from. I did not ask on this day but I think you can order special birthday or wedding cakes as the ones I photographed from the window display. This Cake Shop , Kuchenladen deserves to be on my BEST list, not only for the quality but also for the friendly service, not matter how busy they are !!                                            Chocolate and cherries cake

                                                               Flotting Tea

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