The best sandwiches and more…in Berlin


Finally made it to BABANBE on this perfect sunny day, not too hot, (19c). I had heard about this sandwich restaurant through word of mouth and it sounded excellent, I can now confirm this!! It definatly belongs in THE BESTCATEGORY.

Everything at BABANBE is “home made”, definatly no fast food here! All the filings for the sandwiches are freshly made. You order yourchoice of sandwich at the counter and within a few minutes it is made before your eyes. They also do great soupes and salades. What is special about their sandwiches are the ingredients of course and the freshness.All the ingredients have an exotic taste, mainly Vietnamese: I chose the BAHN MI with pork and a freshly made ginger tea, served with honey, (see photo).

Prices are reasonable for such high quality and hopefully it will stay that way. Everyone is sitting outside on this wonderful cool sunny day, which is not for me (as a non smoker), but at the moment no one is smoking, they all seem to be enjoying their lunch so much.

Well since the bread rolls are light and I have not had much breakfast I can eat something else, another sandwich or a soupe or salade? At the counter I can see the freshly cooked meatballs in a succulent sauce, so my choice is made! I order a second sandwich, filled with meatballs in the spicy sauce and another delicious ginger tea, just perfect! It is worth the “long voyage” if you do not reside in this area( Kreuzberg). With the M19 bus you arrive direct to Morizt Platz, where you will find BABANBE. Get on at  the bus stop outsoide Kadewe. Just a note, BABANBE  opens only Mondays to Fridays from 10a.m to 6p.m

So I will be looking for the best again soon, but as far as the best sandwiches in town (Berlin) you can’t beat BABANBE!!!

Copywright by lookingforthebestfood


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