Berlin Delicatessen “Essgenuss”

Sorry again…. this was written a few weeks ago, but have been too busy until now to write it in my blog. So here is my new discovery of a wonderful delicatessen in Berlin: It is called Essgenuss.

Today is a perfect day for strolling, the weather has cooled down so I decided to explore the side streets of the kudamm and do some window shopping. Mommensenstr, Shülterstr, Wielandstr, and Knesebeckstr are my faovorites streets with lots of small boutiques, restaurants and cafes, it almost feels like Paris. I did say ALMOST!! As I was walking and “looking for the best”” I came upon a very nice small delicatessen/restaurant. The owner is Austrian and knows that “the customer is king” as one says. He is quick, efficient, friendlyand knows his products, (which is not the case everywhere you dine or buy food in Berlin these days!,) but I won’t mention any names as this blog is only  about the best!! As I walked in the delicatessen I noticed there were some delicious looking pates and saw a guest eating a wonderful salade, which of course I was eager o try. So, as the weather was pleasant I decided to sit outside and hoped no one was going to smoke, which is seldom the case , and as a non smoker quite a nuisance, but today I was lucky.So I ordered the Duck Pate and Caesar Salade, both were perfect , the pate served with warm baguette and olives, and the salade crispy chilled with a perfect sauce and croutons. All reasonably priced as well. You can of course take away if you have no time to cook for your unexpected guest, this is pefect. And the Austrian charm.. well you just have to go there and you don’t even have to travel to Austria ! OOPS sorry the downloading of photos is not functioning so will try again later!!

Adresse: Mommsenstr 64 just off the Kudamm


Copywright by lookingforthebestfood


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