20140818-010546-3946412.jpgFinally a pleasant day in Berlin, 25c , just perfect for a stroll. I was actually in the mood for cooking again when I got tempted in passing by one of my favorite restaurants , so no cooking today! This restaurant serves a combination of Japanese, thailandish, vietnamese, and korean food. Well a little of all, which makes it interesting. The service is always very good and the food prepared a la minute and very fresh. I actually only wanted to eat a few sushis and try the kimchi, ( as I was in search of the best kimchi in town) and have now found it , (read the article, the best kimchi). But i decided to order the Mango Salad, an entree, as it sounded so good and I love mangos. And again my good intuition was right, the mango salad consisting of fried chicken filet, mango, fried onions, peanuts and a wonderful tangy thailandish sauce with spicy herbs and coriander, ( love coriander!) was heavenly delicious! And needless to say my eyes were bigger than my stomach with salad, sushis, and kimchi ! But what a wonderful Mango Salad, and what a good idea to serve the mango,in thin stripes. And I was stupid enough to ask if they were noodles! How embarrassing! Of course with green tea . I just could not eat asian food without jasmin or green tea!
Delicious! At “SWEET COCOS” really worth the visit and away from the hectic center of Berlin, in the Rheinstr in Friedenau. They even have a garden to sit in. But not for non smokers ,like me!
Bon Appetit! I will be Looking for the best again soon!
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