20140724-214144-78104603.jpg20140724-205854-75534084.jpgWhat do I love about Akiko Sushi in Steglitz Ahornstr? They are open every day, you can take away or they deliver, they have good air conditioning, ( a good place to escape to in the hot humid summer) , the quick friendly service no matter how busy they are and my favorite sushis! “Shake-Futomaki spez. Nr.T4 on the menu. Deep fried Futomaki sushi with avocado, salmon, and leek. Perfect always! And please, all other sushi restaurants take the good example of Akiko, the pickled ginger is NOT swimming in its own juice for hours! So I can say again the best pickled ginger!
Oh , and as the person sitting next to me just reminded me, the Wasabi is strong as it should be, so only a little is needed! I think the person next to me had not realised it and piled a whole lot of it on the sushis! And it no doubt went straight up the nose!
Akiko really deserved a second article as it has regained its standard!
And of course served with green or jasmin tea.

For Berlin Tours for Gourmets!!


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