Okay, I got tempted again, by the vietnamese cuisine, but Just a light lunch . I was wondering why this new restaurant was always full. Well of course the obvious reason is , it is good , and in this case reasonably priced. So I popped in for a quick late lunch. Ordered the freshly made ginger tea , fine strips of ginger served with honey and nr 19, chicken in a creamy mango coconut sauce with zucchni, broccoli, bamboo .green beans, red capsicum, served with rice, light and refreshing! It was enough for me today as I always have a large breakfast on saturdays. ! So I was not looking for the best today, but again found a nice casual good Vietnamese restaurant In the Friedenau “Kiez” , neighborhood , called “. Tra My” in the Lauter Str 16 . Friedenau.
Someone once told me , one should eat german food , if in Germany, french food in France and so on… The problem is Berlin does not have so many restaurants serving original german food anymore! Of course there are some and I know where the best food is served, but I will wait for the cosy winter days. I love winter and the snow!! Tours for gourmets in Berlin!


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