Did you know that beetroot is a good detox for the liver? Well that is what I read when researching for a friend. I really love beetroot, but only freshly cooked, (bio or eco). My grandmother who was the best cook I know,(grandmothers usually are, especially if they are french!) had a very simple recipe of which I added my personal touch. You just have to cook the beetroot until done, tender, pick with a fork to check. Set aside to cool for a while, but not in the fridge as the salade has to be eaten low warm. “Tiede”
Meanwhile prepare your vinaigrette, oil and vinegar salt and pepper, add chopped parsley. I added greek feta cheese, the real greek feta, made of sheeps or goats milk, NOT of cows milk.It taste a lot better! Can be bought in bio shops as well as normal supermarkets,
So ” Bon Appetit” stay healthy and detox!!
Sorry I am having a problem with my photos at the moment , they are not showing in original size? Tours for gourmets in Berlin!


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