I love curries! Not just Indien Curry, but Japanese chicken curry also, which is quite different to the Indien curry. First of all the chicken is fried in a light batter and served on rice and a japanese curry sauce. I cannot really describe the sauce, one just has to try to it. And my favorite place to eat katsu curry is in ” DARUMA” in Uhland str Berlin. ( Germany).It is served with a small side salad and of course I always drink green tea. And not to forget , a delicious dorayaki made by the owner of the restaurant. I have already written about them in my blog .It is a sweet small pancake 2 pieces with red sweet bean paste in the middle to make a sort of sandwich, perfect with green tea. You can buy them to take away at Darumas.

http://www.berlin-historical-epicurean.com. Tours for gourmets in Berlin!


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