Starting to get into the Christmas Spirit! And will be looking for the best Christmas markets, decorations, and of course the delicacies!!
But for a start, and to warm up, eventhough it is not a hot mulled wine , I drank what I consider the best hot ginger drink , in a very cozy restaurant at Hackesche Markt direct under the S-Bahn.( In Berlin Germany) in “Restauration 1840” that is the name of the German restaurant. So now is the season to eat some good old german food and I will be looking for the best of course!!
The ginger tea was served with fresh slices of ginger , honey and something special , kumquats, that made the taste sensational , one more point for the best ginger tea , it was served in a very large glass! And I almost forgot, top service!! Will have to go back to try the food.

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Texts and photos copyright lookingforthebestfood

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