Wantans , or is it wontons.?? Anyway in LonMen in Kantstr Berlin, they are called Wantans!! The very small restaurant with open kitchen is always busy, so you really have to be lucky to get a table!! I had not been there for quite a while and whenever it gets cold and I feel homesick for “China Town” in Sydney or Paris I head down to Kanstr. There are quite a few chinese, thailand, vietnamese, japanese restaurants in this street. Of course you cannot compare it to a whole area like China Town in Sydney, or in Paris.. But maybee one day it will expand…
BUT on the menu today, I discovered a new dish , Wantans in Chili Sauce!! Since I love spicy food, this was the right dish for me!!
It is actually a side dish, but I just ordered a double serving and nothing else. Perfection! Lots of sauce and not too much chili but not too little either!
Of course with tea, this time jasmine tea. The cuisine is Taiwanese.
Lots of other Taiwanese delights on the menu including delicious noodle soups to warm you up on a cold winter day! Another BEST on my list!!

Copyright texts and photos lookingforthebestfood


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