I love “Pain Perdu” You are probably asking yourselves , what is that?? Lost bread?? . Well in the days when my french grand mother ( the best cook ever)! was making ” pain perdu”, one did not waist food , so if the bread was a bit dry , you made good use of it and created a wonderful recipe.
Nowdays it is served in 5 star luxury hotels!

The recipe is really easy . You slice thick slices of bread , white but bio bread taste the best, soak the slices a few minutes in an egg, milk, and vanilla sugar mixture, fry the slices in butter, ( not margarine or oil) on both sides on low heat, do not burn!! Then serve hot with brown sugar or cassonade. You cannot find cassonade in Berlin, so I always stock up when in Paris. Personally I prefer the pain perdu slices with mapple syrup. ( I love mapple syrup ever since I tasted pancakes, mapple syrup, and sweet butter, on a holiday in Hawaii). Not for people on a diet!!

Will be making my Pain Perdu soon but in the meantime here is an aperçu of some delicious Pain Perdu , on my recherche for the Best Breakfast in Berlin… More to come….

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