So, where do I start, or rather what can I tell you about myself. My name is Nicole and one thing for sure is that I have always been interested in food and I love to write. The perfect combination for a food blog. Oh yes, I almost forgot, I also love to travel (but who doesn’t?)

I was born in France, that is where my tastes buds were first educated and as a teenager grew up in Australia where I met my husband , a  Berliner who convinced me to visit Berlin. I fell in love with Berlin straight away and after many flights from Sydney to Berlin I decided to stay and have become a permanent resident.

During my student days I discovered some of the best restaurants in Sydney while waitressing, in order to save money for my European holidays. Being an excellent cook myself, I have often been asked to create a diner for some close friends, some even suggested I open a restaurant. Well as much as I like to entertain, it is not my idea of fun, too much hard work, too many long hours ect. So I’ll stick to writing about food and maybe do some travelling with it.

I have always wanted to go to Japan but somehow have never got around to it. Japan has always fascinated me eversince I had first contact with a Japanese neighbor in Sydney. She had invited me to try some sushis, long before they became popular in many countries. I remenber it was THE only Japanese restaurant in Sydney. It was quite funny having to take your shoes off! Wondering if someone may have mistaken your shoes after drinking too much sake! Well I was not wearing Chanel shoes, but just the same..

The wasabi was also very different then. You only needed a tiny amount and it went straight up your nose!! These days people pile it on their shuhis and no reaction??
So that is a short insight.
Please feel free to leave a comment or let me know how you found the restaurants, books, tips ect.. I will only be too glad to answer you or give you more information if I am not too busy writing for my blog or doing my TOURS .

You can contact me for tours of Berlin or reviews of restaurants or hotels:


2 thoughts on “Profile

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment: I will try to visit TIm Raue`s restaurant. I am sure it will find a place in my blog as one of the best! I did say, one of the best. Because I am not looking for THE best, but for all the best! Or should I say my favorite restaurants and places in Berlin, and of course in Paris, La CAPITALE. for gourmets! AND TO STOP WRITTING, NO WAY!!! Have a nice day and see you soon, maybe.


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